Scraping a Coconut

Monday 25th June Mrs Tofia came to our Hub on Monday and she taught all about Coconuts.  From how to climb a Coconut Palm that has no branches on its trunk to how to scrape the flesh.  We all got to taste the milk.  Mrs Misiloi showed us how to open a coconut just using the edge of a stone and sharp taps.  We all had the chance to scrape the flesh.  Hard work!!

Buddy Reading

Every Thursday after Mass we have Buddy reading with Mrs Asi's class.

Stations of the Cross

In Holy Week Junior Hub one walked the Journey with Jesus.  We prayed the Stations of the Cross on Tuesday in the Basilica after the seniors shared the Washing of the feet liturgy.

On Wednesday we shared the Last Supper Liturgy with the whole school and on Thursday before we went home for the Easter Break we watched the Yr 8's act out the Stations of the Cross which was amazing!  We thought a lot about Jesus this week and how to be a good friend to each other.

Activator Sports Term 1 WK7 2018

JH1 children enjoyed Activator Sports time as they were having :

Cooperative Team Skills and Alphabet Obstacle Puzzles. Wonderful FUN! Thank you Activator Sports Team.

JH1: Cooperative Games and Ball Skills/P.E

JH1 enjoyed P.E time as they were: Learning about how to managing self and working nicely together with each other.      Learning to -catch a small ball effectively -catch a ball at different height. They were having a great time and were having FUN!

Activator Sports Term 1 Wk 5 2018

Team treasure Hunt. 
Watch out for the Taggers!!

 Wonderful fun - Thank you Activator Sports!!  We love your activities.

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

On Ash Wednesday the Junior School had a lovely Liturgy in the school hall marking the beginning of the Lenten Season. Father Wayne led the Liturgy and blessed  the Ashes which were then distributed to each of us.   Here is Junior Hub one afterwards proudly showing our ashes mark on our foreheads.