Terrific Thursdays

Terrific Thursday's 2017
for 4 year olds
There is no Terrific Thursday Session on Thursday 13th April Holy Thursday - See you in Term 2

Sing Hosanna Jesus is our King!
Wk 10's activities were based around Palm Sunday. We made Palms with our hands as the leaves.  Thank you Mrs Marsh and ECB's.

This week we decided what food Jesus ate - He did not have Fizzy drinks, Lollies or Ice-cream!!!

Thank you Big Buddies!!!!

We dressed Jesus this week in clothes he would have worn as a boy.  Thank you to our ECB's for your help with cutting!!

What a lovely start to our Terrific Thursday's this week.  With four visitors and big buddies, Mum's, Dad and Grandparents we had a lovely time getting to know each other!  See you next week!

Please note there will be NO Terrific Thursday sessions on the following Thursday’s:
·         23rd March
·         8th June
·         6th July
·         31st August
·         28th September
·         23rd November


  1. Great photos. Was fun today to support our buddies at Terrific Thursdays

    1. Yes Kaleb, Our Terrific Thursday visitors love spending time with you!

  2. good photos thanks to. (lachlan) not to name the camera guy

    1. It's great to capture the fun moments! Thanks.

  3. We had 12 Terrific Thursday visitors today!! Thanks big buddies for all your help.

  4. Cool photos- would love to see your artwork on the walls or have you share it with hub 2. I love the kites

  5. Really loved the Mary Medallions Hub 2 loved this idea so much too that we stole it. Thanks Hub 1 and your fantastic teachers.


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